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Skyblock SV2 Release!
7 months ago

We're proud to announce that Skyblock SV2 has been released!


Whats New?

Mob Coins | Collect mob coins from killing mobs. Save up the coins for rewards! If you collect enough of them, you can purchase even a rank for free!

Hoppers | Hoppers have never been more exciting! We have hoppers that can: 

1. Link to chests from even 50 blocks away.

2. All hoppers are extremely fast, so you won't have to worry about your system being slow!

3. Even Hoppers that you can place to automat...

TerraCraftMC Skyblock V2 Release!
7 months ago

We are releasing Skyblock V2 on Sun, Nov 17 at 10am PST or 1pm EST! V2 comes with many new features including new crates, new default islands, custom hoppers, block stacking and more! Stay tuned and join the release!

Have fun!-


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