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 In order to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience on our server for all players, please follow the rules listed below. We hope you enjoy your time here! 


Server Rules Chat Punishments 


Excessive Capital Letters: Abuse of capital letters in a message. This sometimes can be when you choose to use caps lock instead of using shift for capitalizing a letter. If your message is deemed as using capital letters excessively you will be warned.

Spamming Chat: Abusing chat by spamming a series of messages in a small amount of time. If you would like to say something in chat, and want to keep adding to it, please put it in one or two messages rather then "Spamming" the chat. If your series of messages are deemed as spamming chat you will be warned.

Promoting Spam: Abusing chat by promoting spam by others. This could be caused by either a countdown or a contest in which spam is prompted by you. For this, you will be warned.

Hackusating: If you reveal the hacker in public chat, this could cause the hacker to stop hacking in which we can't punish them. If you believe someone is hacking please either record it and submit it on the forums (no one but you and the mods can see it), or message a staff member that is online and can review the situation and take the proper action. If you are caught hackusating, you will be warned.

Excessive Swearing: Cursing in chat: If you are caught excessively swearing either in public or private chat you will be warned.

Server Hate: Hating on our server while on our server. This can be anything related to bashing/hurting the server For this, you will be warned.

Staff/Player Disrespect: Any disrespect towards a fellow player or staff member. We will not tolerate any sort of disrespect toward another person on our server. If what you are saying is deemed disrespectful to another you will be warned.

Impersonating Staff: Acting as a staff member when you are not. This could be telling a player they will be punished instead of going to a staff member to have them take care of the situation. If you are interested in becoming a staff member then please apply on the forums

Lying to Staff: If you are asked a question by a staff member and lie, you will be punished with a temporary mute.

Derogatory/Racial Slurs: If you say something derogatory or racial you will be punished with a temporary mute.

Light Advertising: Saying the name of another server. We do not tolerate saying the name of any other server(s) while on our server. This is punishable by being publicly said, or privately. For this, you will be warned.

Advertising: Saying the IP of another server. We do not tolerate advertising as a whole while on our server. This is punishable by being said publicly, or privately. This will cause you to be permanently removed from our server and you must appeal on the forums.

Personal Information: Releasing other's personal information. If you reveal someone else's private information like there name, address, phone number, contact information, etc. You will be permanently removed from our server and you must appeal on the forums.


 In-Game Punishments


Hacking: Any third party modification that gives significant advantages over another player. This also includes advantages that can be used via one's mouse and/or keyboard, such as macros. Anyone found admitting to using hacks, regardless if in a joking matter, will be punished equally for using unfair advantages. You will be permanently removed from our server and you must appeal on the forums.

Abusing Exploits / Glitches: If an exploit or glitch is found on any servers, we expect players to not use the exploit to their advantage but to report it. Please obtain as much information as possible regarding the problem and report any exploits/glitches you find immediately to the forums for us to view. Those found abusing said exploits and/or glitches will be permanently removed from the server depending on the severity. Shall you be permanently removed you may need to appeal on the forums.

Abusing Donor Perks: If you are found to be abusing a donor perk, you will lose it.

Punishment Evading: Bypassing a punishment. If you are bypassing your punishment by using an alternate account then both accounts will be permanently removed, and you will need to appeal on the forums.

Inappropriate Structures: Built a structure deemed inappropriate. If you are found building a structure that is inappropriate you will temporarily be removed from the server.


Other Punishments


Scamming IRL Money: Scamming another user out of in real life money. This could be considered purchasing a rank for someone and charging back or paying in real life money through PayPal for in-game items or money, and you chargeback or do not pay in the first place. If enough proof is shown you will be permanently removed from the server and will not be allowed to appeal or purchase the unban fee.

Cyber Attacks/Threats: Anyone found threatening, attempting or succeeding at either an attack or threat will be permanently removed from the server. Though you will not be allowed to appeal, you will be allowed one chance by purchasing the unban fee in the shop.


These are the current rules for TerraCraftMC, which are subject to change at any time. You may be punished for a rule not yet listed as it was authorized by the management of the server. For any reason do you believe you were falsely punished please appeal on the forums and we will remove the history if we notice it is truthful. If you believe a staff member may be abusing their power please do report.

7 months ago
Builder Application Format

Be sure to use this format when applying!

If you don't use this format in your application you will instantly be denied.


- Must have basic knowledge with WorldEdit.

- Built a reasonably big build before, such as a spawn or a hub.

- Be able to follow through with deadlines.


What is your IGN:


How old are you:


Discord name and tag (Ex. Example#0000):


Do you have a working mic:


Why are you applying for builder:


Images for previous builds that you made:


Do you know how to build natural things (Such as custom trees, terrain, landscapes, etc.):


Anything else you want to add:


If you are accepted you will receive a message on discord from ze4lous, letting you know when your test and interview will be done.


7 months ago
Staff Application Format

Be sure to use this format when applying.

Not using this format will lead to an instant denial of your application!


- Use Punctuation.

- Do not lie.

- Must be 13+ years old.


What is your IGN:


What is your discord username and tag (Ex: Example#0000):


How old are you:


Do you have a working mic that you can use:


How long have you been playing on Terracraft:


Why do you want to be staff on Terracraft (PARAGRAPH):


What experience have you gained from past servers:


What prior servers have you been staff on:


What would you do for the community if you were staff on Terracraft (PARAGRAPH):


What would you do if someone was fly hacking (PARAGRAPH):


Anything else you would like to add (This won't ruin or increase your chances at getting accepted):

7 months ago
TerraCraftMC Skyblock V2 Release!

We are releasing Skyblock V2 on Sun, Nov 17 at 10am PST or 1pm EST! V2 comes with many new features including new crates, new default islands, custom hoppers, block stacking and more! Stay tuned and join the release!

Have fun!-