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Ban Appeal Format

Use this when appealing.

NOTE: You have to appeal for yourself, you cannot appeal for someone else. That will lead to the appeal being instantly denied.




Type of Punishment:


Reason of Punishment:


Why do you feel like your punishment should be removed (PARAGRAPH):


Do you feel like you deserved your punishment (if not, please explain):



7 months ago
Reporting Format

Here you can report the rule breakers!

Please use the following format:


Your IGN:


Rule-breaker's IGN:


Date of incident:


Why should they be punished:


Any extra thoughts:

7 months ago
Skyblock SV2 Release!

We're proud to announce that Skyblock SV2 has been released!


Whats New?

Mob Coins | Collect mob coins from killing mobs. Save up the coins for rewards! If you collect enough of them, you can purchase even a rank for free!

Hoppers | Hoppers have never been more exciting! We have hoppers that can: 

1. Link to chests from even 50 blocks away.

2. All hoppers are extremely fast, so you won't have to worry about your system being slow!

3. Even Hoppers that you can place to automatically mine!

And much more! Execute the command /hoppers to see our GUI for the different types of hoppers.

- Duels | You can now properly challenge your friends to a fight to the death! We will keep updating it with more & more gamemodes, so it will always be a fun experience!

Quests | We have quests that are related to skyblock so you can earn extra rewards from playing!

Rewards | Say hi to the Reward Creeper! He has daily, weekly, and monthly rewards for you! If you purchase a rank from our store, you can get even better rewards!

Island Upgrades | Make your island bigger and better with these island upgrades!


And many more cool things!

Join the server to check out what else is new!

IP play.terracraftmc.xyz:25605

Versions 1.8+